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Quality control and accuracy are paramount. Gulf Tool Corporation uses tried and true technology to check quality and specification tolerances during each step of the Machining process.

  • Jones & LamsonTC-14 Comparator
    w/ 10X, 31.25x & 50x Lenses
  • Gage Master Optical Comparator
  • 2-Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester B & C Scale
  • 2-Moore 31050A Micro Sine Table
  • Moore 3900A Precision Spin Table
  • Moore 3900 Precision Spin Table w/ Angle Plate
  • Moore 3225A Parallel Set-up Blocks
  • Moore 3372A Matched Box Parallels
  • Moore 3176S Extension Parallels
  • 2-Moore 33050A Precision Vise
  • Brown & Sharpe Micrometers 0” to 30”
  • Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers 0” to 80”
  • Mueller Gages 0” to 36”
  • Meyer Gage Pins 0” to 1.000”
  • Deltronic Gage Pins 0” to 1.012”
  • Mitutoyo Height Master 12” & 18”
  • Mitutoyo 12” Height Master with 12” Riser
  • Mitutoyo 18” Height Gage
  • Starrett Calibrated Gage Blocks
  • Moore Gage Blocks
  • 2-Brown & Sharpe Gage Block Sets
  • Sheffield Shadow Graph #1

Precision Matters

Consistent Results

Increased Efficiency

Less Material Waste

When compared to additive manufacturing, our subtractive manufacturing processes can deliver higher levels of dimensional accuracy with a wider range of production metals and plastics.

Gulf Tool Corporation machines are capable of incredible precision and our custom manufacturing process allows us to increase efficiency and reduce waste material.

We’re interested in your project.

Gulf Tool Corporation will consider all inquiries. No matter the scope of the project or your budget. We run a fully capable shop with the knowledge and experience to assist anyone, anywhere. Use our simplified quote form to get a price today.
ISO 9001:2000 Compliant Quality Management System
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